Vagabond Quakers Characters

Names in italics are fictional; all others were actual people.

Mary and Allie Chapters

Mary Tomkins, 29-year-old missionary for the Society of Friends

Alice Ambrose (Allie), same age, a missionary, and Mary’s life-long friend

Edward Wharton, 34-year-old merchant of Salem, a missionary for the Society of Friends

George Preston, Edward’s life-long friend and business partner, also a Friend

Will Furbush, a young Scottish prisoner deported to the colonies, a Friend

Rebecca Furbush, his wife

Anthony and Frances Emery, innkeepers on Dover Point

Reverend John Reyner, 5th minister at the village on Dover Point, Puritan

Captain Nicholas Shapleigh, childhood friend of Mary and Allie, Anglican

Alice Mesant Shapleigh, his wife and a Friend

Johnny Shapleigh, Nicholas’ 20-year-old nephew and adopted heir

Katherine Shapleigh Treworgy Hilton, Nicholas’ eldest half-sister, who raised him

James Treworgy, her first husband (died 1650)

John Treworgy, their son, an advocate, nephew/brother and business partner to Nicholas

Penelope Treworgy, John’s wife

James and little John Treworgy, their boys

Edward Hilton, Kat’s second husband, an original settler on Dover Point

Elizabeth Shapleigh Trickey, Nicholas’ sister and innkeeper at Bloody Point, a Friend

Thomas Trickey, her husband, ferryman, and innkeeper, a Friend

Zack Trickey, their 14-year-old son

Dr. Walter Barefoot, Anglican apothecary at Dover Point, friend of Allie and Mary

Meggie and Elizabeth, weavers/seamstresses employed by the Shapleighs

Lydia Perkins Wardell, aka The Naked Quaker, a Friend and admirer of Mary Tomkins

Eli Wardell, Lydia’s husband, a Friend

Reverend Seaborn Cotton, Puritan minister at Hampton

Williani/Papisse Conewa, Abenaki Sôgmô (chief)

Tolotti, his sister

Anne Coleman, 31-year-old missionary for the Society of Friends

William Spencer, original settler of Old Eliot, a Friend

Patience Chadbourne Spencer, his wife, a Friend

Richard Nason, original settler of Old Eliot, a Friend

Sarah Nason, his wife, a Friend

Lucy Treworgy Chadbourne, Kat Shapleigh’s eldest daughter and wife of Humphrey

Humphrey Chadbourne, Lucy’s husband, brother of Patience Spencer

William and Anna Styles, Friends who host Mary, Allie, and Anne at Somersworth

William Fifield, constable at Hampton during first incident

Mary Fifield, his wife

Robert and Joanna Tuck, innkeepers at Hampton

Rebecca and John Severance, innkeepers at Salisbury

Robert Pike, open-minded Puritan and influential citizen of Salisbury

Reverend John Wheelwright, one-time supporter of Anne Hutchinson at Boston, turncoat Puritan minister of Salisbury

George Carr, shipbuilder, entrepreneur, independent thinker who shelters the missionaries

Elizabeth Carr, his no-nonsense wife

Will Carr, the Carr’s 14-year-old son

James the Indian, servant to the Carrs

John Emery, Anthony’s brother, innkeeper at Newbury, sympathetic to Friends

Isaac and Susannah Perkins, Lydia Perkins Wardell’s parents of Hampton, Friends

Samuel Fogg, constable at Hampton, succeeding William Fifield

Reverend Timothy Dalton, minister at Newbury

Job Clement, young man from Dover, crew on Walter’s sloop

black & white going to Sabbath Day meeting

Richard Walderne Chapters

Richard Walderne, magistrate, business entrepreneur, and staunch Puritan

William Walderne, a Puritan advocate, Richard’s father

Will Walderne, Jr., William’s firstborn, Richard’s senior by 14 years, 1st secretary of Dover

Barbara Walderne, Will’s wife

Captain Thomas Wiggin, agent for Lords Say and Brooke in the Piscataqua Region, Puritan

Catharine Wiggin, Thomas’ wife

Reverend William Leveredge, 1st minister at Dover Point, Puritan

Hateveil Nutter, elder of the First Congregational Church of Dover, influential businessman

George and Alice Walton, first innkeepers on Dover Point, then Great Isle, Friends

John Damme, master carpenter, Richard’s neighbor, Puritan

Prudence Clarke Walderne, Richard Walderne’s first wife

Reverend Clarke and Mother Clarke, Prudence’s parents, Richard’s in-laws, Puritans

Paul Walderne, Richard and Prudence’s firstborn son

Timothy Walderne, Richard and Prudence’s second son

Elizabeth Walderne, Richard and Prudence’s daughter

George Burdett, second minister on Dover Point, self-styled governor, loose Puritan

John Winthrop, founder and governor of Boston, a staunch Puritan

Martha Winthrop, John’s 4th wife

Eleanor Cameron, a Scottish widow, housekeeper for Prudence and Richard

Bridget Cole, nursemaid to the Walderne children

John and Thomas Roberts, brothers and constables at Dover Point, Puritans

Thomas Roberts, their father, an original settler of Dover Point, President of the Court at Dover 1640-42, a Friend

Rebecca Hilton Roberts, Thomas’ wife and sister of Edward and William Hilton, a Friend

Sarah Roberts, Thomas and Rebecca’s youngest daughter

Hansard Knollys, third minister at Dover Point, Puritan

Captain John Underhill, Puritan military leader, President of the Court at Dover for one year

Thomas Larkham, fourth minister at Dover Point, loose Puritan

Ambrose Gibbens, original settler at Cape Ann and Old Eliot, captain of Portsmouth militia

Reverend Daniel Maud, fourth minister at Dover, Puritan

Edward Rawson, secretary to Governor Endicott, staunch Puritan

John Endicott, Governor of Boston succeeding Winthrop, staunch Puritan

Richard Bellingham, Deputy Governor and Governor of Boston, staunch Puritan

Anne Bradstreet, first American female poet

Thomas Canney, disgraced citizen of Dover Point

Jane Canney, his cantankerous second wife

Joseph Canney, Thomas’ son by his first wife, Mary

Anne Jenkins, the cause of Thomas Canney’s disgrace

Annie Scammon Walderne, Richard’s second wife

Richard Scammon, Annie’s father

Eliza Scammon, Annie’s mother

Henry and Richard Scammon, Annie’s brothers

Elizabeth Scammon, Annie’s elder sister

Richard Walderne, Richard and Annie Walderne’s first son

Anne Walderne, Richard and Annie Walderne’s first daughter

William Robinson, missionary Friend hanged at Boston 1659

Marmaduke Stephenson, missionary Friend hanged at Boston 1659

Mary Dyer, missionary Friend hanged at Boston 1660

William Leddra, missionary Friend hanged at Boston 1660

Wenlock Christison, missionary Friend saved from hanging by King Charles’ mandamus


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