Boston 1635

3rd Edit underway or The Evolution of a Novel

Four years have sped by, and Vagabond Quakers is taking shape, thanks to several readers and my editor, Marina Kirsch. Each time I rewrite a chapter, the overall story becomes more engaging. Or perhaps I should say stories, as Richard Walderne’s chapters are intertwined with those of Mary Tomkins and Alice Ambrose. However, the women’s timeline encompasses one year from June of 1662 to May of 1663, while Richard’s timeline extends from his immigration to the Piscataqua Region in 1635 to his encounter with the missionary women in 1662, encompassing the early history of Dover, Cocheco, and to a lesser extent, Boston.

The challenge is deciding what to leave out. All this terrific research! But it is not all pertinent to the main story lines. Therefore, I offer a free program entitled “Hidden History: Puritans and Quakers in 17th Century New England” which shares some of the gems that were cut from the book. The discussion centers on our preconceptions of Puritans and the general lack of knowledge of that period of colonial history.

Click on “Programs” for a full schedule and references. If you would like to book a program, please email me at There is no fee, as long as I can sell copies of the book.